Love Makes Me Love Hunter Hayes

I have been a huge fan of Hunter Hayes since 2011. my friends said it was a phase but i'm more obsessed than ever... I LOVE HUNTER HAYES!
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I love Hunter so much I can’t even find the words to express it.

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Just a reminder that this is the same guy that wrote the angry, powerful song “You Think You Know Somebody”…

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You’re face is beautiful, but the faces you make mean more to me than the world

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Every late night call,
Every morning kiss,
All the “I can’t live without you”s,
and you say goodbye like this.
Don’t you understand?
Do you even care?
If you love me like you said you did,
well, you’d still be standing here.
You think you know somebody.
Well, it’s all just a blur,
the nights are the worst,
this bed still smells like you.
I wake up from a dream, catch my breath,
it’s takes everything I got to move.
Yeah, it could’ve been a long long talk to fix it.
The seas were getting rough, but I thought we were worth it,
worth the try, worth the fight,
shows what I know.
You Think You Know Somebody - Hunter Hayes (via sdfghjkaitlyn)

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Do you think hunter's good at sex
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